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About Connective Insight

Connective Insight helps clients bring it all together:

We also research key themes in the strategic environment, such as:

  • How industry stakeholders can thrive in the Coordination Age - the drive to make better use of resources through connected technologies.

  • How to navigate breakout strategic developments, such as 6G and AI and Automation.


  • Human factors helping or hindering technological change, such as managing stakeholder dynamics, setting strategic purpose, aligning culture, and developing the optimum business model to maximise success in a complex, fast moving and connected world.

Andrew Collinson, MD & Founder

With 15 years’ experience as STL Partners’ Research and Commercial Director, plus 20 prior years working in telecoms, Andrew Collinson brings senior industry insight and relationships, plus research, content curation, marketing and facilitation skills.

While at STL, Andrew built the substantial and profitable research business, publishing over 40 in-depth reports a year and developing a formidable industry reputation for high quality insight across a wide range of areas. As commercial director, he helped the business overall grow sales profitably overall with no external investment. STL ran public events to around 2015, which he chaired and managed. Overall, he's chaired / facilitated around 50 global public events.

Before that, Andrew helped to set up a direct insurance business, and worked at BT and Cellnet/O2 for 19 years in roles spanning engineering, marketing, strategy, and building new ventures. That included winning the MRS Best use of research in Advertising and the IPA’s Grand Prix for Advertising Effectiveness. He holds an MBA and a BSc in Medical Physics.


Andrew Collinson

MD & Founder

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