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Connective Insight helps clients develop strategy and thought leadership, get results with research, and facilitates strategic analysis and dialogues in telecoms and connective technologies.

Depending on what you need, our service is likely to employ a mix of these components. For example:

  • Most effective strategies require added insight, a mixture of VIP research with clients and stakeholders, and facilitation to enable alignment on actions.

  • Similarly, if you wish to maximise the value and impact of your research and/or thought leadership, you will want to understand the strategic context and gain independent validation and further insights from clients, your team and other stakeholders.

  • Great facilitation combines empathy, good questions and listening (i.e. research skills), a good grounding in the relevant strategic context - and in a public environment, confidence and performance skills.

Please look deeper below to see to more detail on our thinking and approach, and if you think you could benefit do get in touch

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Connective Insight helps organisations develop and implement new strategies and thought leadership to significantly enhance their industry position and performance in telecoms and connected technologies. Key topics: strategy & purpose, where new business models and technologies meet, and stakeholder dynamics.

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