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Strategy and thought leadership in telecoms and connected technologies

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Connective Insight helps organisations develop and implement new strategies and thought leadership to significantly enhance their industry position and performance in telecoms and connected technologies. Key topics: strategy & purpose, where new business models and technologies meet, and stakeholder dynamics.

The global economy is in transition: climate change and geopolitical power shifts are creating new tensions and opportunities.


All organisations and individuals are looking to make the best use of their available resources (e.g., time, money, land, carbon, etc.), and connected technologies (e.g., communications, AI and automation) are providing a new toolkit to achieve this, alongside new ecosystems and business models. At STL Partners, we called this the Coordination Age, as customers want outcomes that are often now delivered by multiple parties.

One of Connective Insight's goals is to help organisations to refine their own vision, purpose and strategy to succeed in the context of this and breakout new forces such as 6G and AI & Automation.

Questions we can help answer:


  • What are the new ways of thinking and strategic approaches needed for success in this new environment?


  • What should be your organisation’s role, purpose and business model in this new age? Connective Insight uses holistic analytical methods to assess where your strengths lie.

  • How can you navigate breakout market and technological opportunities? How can 6G, AI & Automation, and new business models provide opportunities for strategic change?

  • What strategy scenarios should you consider, and how should your plans and strategic communications including thought leadership position you effectively with your key stakeholders?

Connective Insight offers:


  • A holistic approach to strategy focusing on purpose, stakeholder needs and business models, informed by a deep understanding of the telecoms industry and related trends

  • Leading-edge thinking on breakout trends and opportunities including: 6G, AI & Automation, and new business models

  • Help to develop and implement strategies including scenario planning, and strategic communications including thought leadership


Based on:

  • Andrew’s 35 years of experience in connected technology industries as an analyst, leader and manager, and extensive contacts

  • 15 years running STL Partners’ research, covering a broad range of topics, including strategy, business models, cloud, edge, AI & automation, 4-6G, IoT, etc.


  • Experience of developing STL Partners’ strategic Coordination Age thinking, and analysis of numerous industry player initiatives to develop breakout strategies

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