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Maximise the value of research, insight and thought leadership

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Connective Insight helps organisations deliver the value, impact and returns they want from research and thought leadership. This can be for those who produce, commission, and use it.

Put simply, research is the art and science of finding things out, insight is the skill to draw meaningful new conclusions from what you find, and thought leadership is the practice of creating a shared vision and taking your stakeholders with you on the path towards it. Great thought leadership is based on sound research and exceptional insight.

We see research, insight and thought leadership collectively as insight assets: components of your organisation’s knowledge, capabilities and reputation that contribute to its success. It’s hard – and probably inadvisable - to put a balance sheet value on these assets, but it is certainly possible to see their impact on an organisation’s performance. Questions we can help answer are:


  • Does your organisation get the business value it wants from its insight assets?

  • Is your organisation clear about what it needs and wants from its insight assets, and how that contributes to its success?

  • Are the right people engaging with your its insight assets in the most constructive way possible?

  • If you produce insight assets, are they being curated, designed, presented, packaged, and conducted in the best possible way to achieve that purpose?

Connective Insight offers, e.g.:

  • A research impact review and plan: a review of your current research activities, recommendations for forward development, and planning and implementation support.

  • Thought leadership support: working with your team to review existing thought leadership activities and/or help develop new ones.

  • Strategic editorial, commercial and analyst support: agenda and content reviews, advice and coaching on how to achieve your desired goals.


Based on:

  • Andrew’s 15 years of experience as STL Partners’ Research Director, building the business from its earliest beginnings to a highly respected and successful strategic research house in TMT.

  • At STL, he led the development of the Coordination Age thought leadership and wrote, commissioned, edited and contributed to hundreds of other reports and client projects to create reports and tools to achieve thought leadership (e.g. roadmaps, indices, etc.)

  • Earlier in his career he oversaw research at an operator. He also won the Market Research Society’s Gold Award for the use of research in advertising, the IPA’s Grand Prix for Advertising Effectiveness, and has an MBA (Distinction) and a BSc in Medical Physics.

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