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Engage professional facilitation and industry analysis

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Andrew chairs and moderates public and private events, facilitates multi-stakeholder and team connection, and operates with a facilitative style in general. He also analyses key trends in strategy and comments and advises on industry events and key developments.

Facilitation is the art of getting the best outcome with a disparate group of people who may not share entirely common goals or fully understand the needs and drivers of the others. It is fundamentally a process of discovery - finding out what and how people think and why, and how they relate.

“I see facilitation as an insight led process. It is about finding out what a group of people want – and don’t want – and how their similarities and differences may be navigated to achieve the most beneficial outcome.”


Public event facilitation is also in part a performance art, whereas facilitation among multiple stakeholders or teams requires empathy, openness and a balance of patience and drive. Results Andrew can help achieve are:

  • Exceptional experience, engagement and take-outs from public and private events.

  • Careful and professional facilitation among multiple stakeholders to find common ground, identify challenges and practical ways forward.

  • Helping teams connect or re-connect at times of change or tension.

Connective Insight offers, e.g.:

  • Andrew as a chair, moderator or industry expert commentator for public or private industry events

  • Facilitative support for:

    • Private, senior multi-stakeholder needs discovery and alignment

    • Team (re)connection at times of complexity or tension

  • Industry analysis on key topics (see strategy and thought leadership)


Andrew has:

  • Facilitated or chaired over 50 events in the last 15 years and worked on numerous stakeholder alignment assignments.

  • Learned from some great role models at STL and across the industry.

  • Conducted and commissioned in-depth research on transformation and change management and worked with leading communications experts such as Adrian Hosford and Gerrard Egan during the development of BT’s Better Communications initiative.

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